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  Topic of Importance in Neonatal Care

Kids from well-nourished females are born with a reserve of brown fat to
provide energy at birth.  If enough colostrum is consumed shortly after
birth the kid will be resistant to hypothermia.  Cold  temperatures, wet
conditions or insufficient energy consumption can lead to hypothermia
and death.  This can occur within 20 minutes under wet and cold condi-
tions or in 24 hours when the environment is warm. Neonates can't
regulate their temperature until several days of age.  Warming should
be done if the temperature is under 102 degrees F.  This can be accomplished with an external source of heat until the temperature rises to 102 degress F.  Hypoglycemia can also be a problem that will arise, in this case a veterinarian
should be called for the possibility of injecting warmed intraperitoneal
20% dextrose (30 - 50 ml).

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