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"Grandpa" Willard William takes the
driving team out to parades.

      Willard served many years as the Club "Mentor".  He owned goats
for 24 years as the "Weth-R-Vane Acres" herd.  He served as an
inspiration to us all, helping at all club events, and just plain helping
any and all he met.  Grandpa Willard left us with many memories when
he passed away in August, 1998.

Floppy kid Syndrome

    These are the kids that have been doing fine, eating well, usually too well, and just turn to mush one day.  Lots of supportive care is needed to pull these through. Treat with a solution of bicarb (½ tsp in about 10cc of water) and with C&D antitoxin.
    Probiotics are helpful and Pepto-bismol if having diarrhea. They may need to be tube fed if they are not suckling.

Folk Life Festival

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Folk life Festival at
Manhattan Kansas.
In September our
club has a "milk the
goat" booth in the
Festival.  Here people
get hands on
experience at milking,
and also get to ask many
questions.  Kids are given
ribbons that say;
"I milked a goat at the
Folk Life Festival"

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